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The basic  versions are equipped with a fixed cable and a Type 1 or a Type 2 connector. Type 1 is normally used for a connection to Japanese cars, while Type 2 is used for connection to European vehicles. The GLB Wallbox can also be supplied with a Type 2 socket outlet. This gives you full flexibility when choosing which car to buy. As an alternative, the GLB Wallbox can be mounted on a single or double stand.
ePower.ie is a provider and reseller of GARO Electric Vehicle charging stations. 

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GLB Wallbox

LS4 Charger

Garo's long experience in EV mobility combined with Scandinavian design and user-friendly interfaces ensures the best charging station for public places. 

Additional features include a charge indicator and lighting in the right place. The indicator in the form of a 360 degree lighting strip on the top part of the charger allows users to see the charge status of each outlet from a distance.

DC Charging

DC Charger
Garo's range includes DC chargers with outputs varying from 50 to 150kW. DC chargers differ from AC chargers in that they supply direct current directly to the car battery, without having to utilise the car's onboard charger. This results in higher output charging. 

The charging time for a normal BEV (approx. 30kWh battery size) at a 50-kW output is around 30 minutes. DC chargers are normally connected to a back office monitoring and payment services.
Piston Rings
Piston Rings
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